Why This Race and Why Again?

The inaugural, encore tour, hippie tour, and soul train tour were a huge success thanks to all our loyal Rock N Fly participants. Why because of all the great friends, participants, and supporters of the military. Thank you so much it is an honor to put an event of this magnitude on for the region and community. We have had individuals come from almost every state in the union in the past two years and five different countries.

The Blue Angel Marathon was an iconic road racing event that happened for over 20 years and after the devastation of Hurricane Ivan in 2004 it was decided not to bring it back for logistic, staffing, and financial reasons. At that time it seemed like the best decision, but after several years and almost no races on beautiful NAS Pensacola the area Commanding Officers decided collectively to support a comeback. The race has been a huge success. We are committed to offering our runners the best race and social while giving back 100 percent of funds raised to charity after paying for the race. We have donated 150K in the last four years to Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. There is no other race in Pensacola that has ever donated that amount of money in its first four years. We are proud to have been able to give so much back to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.

Why again? Since Pensacola is the Cradle of Naval Aviation, has the National Naval Aviation Museum and is home to the Blue Angels it is time again to showcase an event that will keep you rockin as you fly across the base. Rock N Fly is the premier race venue event in the South that offers one of the cheapest early registrations prices for what you get in return. You will not get more race support, a more beautiful course, and more excitement at any other race. Ask anyone that participated in the inaugural Rock N Fly, Encore tour, Hippie Tour or Soul Train tour. Rock N Fly was the first in Pensacola to have not only one but two jumbotrons, two post-race bands, 10 music stations, DJ stations on the course, first ever karaoke station, electrifying national anthem, first mullet contest, first bacon, brownie and rib station, floats, hula hoop contest and rocker costume contest at a race. And YES, more is already in the works for 2018. Rock N Fly is committed to offering a premier event that is both exciting, competitive, and charity driven.

Are you ready to Rock N Fly in 2018?