Half Marathon

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Half Marathon will begin at Starbucks at the corner of Radford Blvd & Fred Bauer St.

You will head down Radford Blvd and turn right on Duncan Rd.

Head up Duncan and when you get to Taylor it is 1 mile.  You will take a left onto Taylor.  ( Note Barrancas cemetery on your left.)

You will run down Taylor until you see the split for the 5k and Half Marathon at the FIRE HOUSEHalf Marathon runners go straight toward the National Naval Aviation Museum.  If you turn left you will now be on the 5k course.

Follow Taylor until you reach the National Naval Aviation Museum at that time you will take a right and head toward the back gate on Blue Angel Pkwy.  You will pass the Air Field.   Sherman Cove will be on your left before you reach mile 5.  There will be a turn, look for a cone, and volunteer.  Start heading back down  Blue Angel Pkwy.  Please stay in the right lane.  You will pass Sherman cove, enjoy the beautiful views as you head toward the Pensacola Light House.  You have passed Mile 7.

After the light house stay in the right lane and it will merge onto Radford Blvd. at the  Navy Lodge.  You will have a slight down hill and water views to the right as you head toward the O Club.  After passing the O club you will be just short of 9 miles.  Enjoy the 5k crowd as you pass Radford gym.  You will have about 4 miles left to be a Rock N Fly finisher.

Stay on Radford until Chambers Ave were you will take a left.  Stay to the right side of the road.  There will be two blocks  in which the road is shared.  You will pass NASC on your left as you head toward Moffett Rd.

Take a right on Moffett.  The Navy Chapel will be on your right.  You will cross Moffett and take a left on Murray Rd.  You will heading toward the front gate.  Mile 10 is at the corner.

Follow Murray until you hit Farrar Rd were you will take a right.  MATSG21 will be on you right.  Go past MATSG21 until you hit warehouse road.  Take a left on Warehouse road.  You will pass mile 11 as you head for AA Cunningham St.

Take a left on AA Cunningham St.   You are now heading back to Murray Rd.  You will take a left at Pen Air Federal Credit union and head back down Murray Rd.

Follow Murray back to Moffett and take a right.  You will see the Navy Chapel on your left.  Then take you next left back onto Chambers Ave.  remember to stay in the right lane this will be a split road for runners.  After passing NASC take a right onto Turner St.

Follow Turner St pass Navy Branch Health Clinic Pensacola and take a left you are less than .1 miles from the finish.

Congratulations!  Get your medal, straighten out your mullet, and enjoy the post race party.  You are a Rock N Fly Finisher.