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5k will begin at Starbucks at the corner of Radford Blvd & Fred Bauer St.

You will head down Radford Blvd and turn right on Duncan Rd.

Head up Duncan and when you get to Taylor it is 1 mile.  You will take a left onto Taylor.  ( Note Barrancas cemetery on your left.)

You will run down Taylor until you see the split for the 5k and Half Marathon at the FIRE HOUSE.  5k runners take a left on Davis Rd.   DO NOT GO TOWARD THE MUSEUM YOU WILL HAVE DECIDED TO ENJOY THE HALF MARATHON. 

Take a short right on Redoubt Rd and an immediate left on Chase Rd ( Mile 2 is before Hovey Rd.) You will be heading to Hovey  Rd.were you will take a left.

You will pass NMOTC before taking a right on Duncan.  If  you are a fast runner stay in the right lane.  You will take a Left on Turner  as you head for mile 3.  When you get to Radford gym you will take a right and finish in front of the gym.

Congratulations now get ready to enjoy the post race party and cheer the half marathon runners which will be running by at mile 9.